Snack Ai (スナック愛 Sunakku Ai) is a series of videos on A.I.Channel. It ran for seven videos, until Kizuna Ai announced its potential cancellation in the seventh and last video. Kizuna Ai stated that the series would not get canceled if the video reached 300,000 views within a week, and when the goal failed to be met, Kizuna Ai officially announced its cancellation on her Twitter. Despite this, there were many requests for it to return, and Ai announced its potential de-cancellation in [360] Finally, Snack Ai... !? [VR] #144.

In the videos, Kizuna Ai would give advice to viewers who had sent in messages to her through her official website, advising them on various things.

# Image Name Name (Japanese) Date Link
28 Video28 Snack AI ~Kanto Store~ スナック 愛 ~関東店~ Jan 11, 2017 28
29 Video29 スナック 愛 ~関西店~ スナック 愛 ~関西店~ Jan 12, 2017 29
36 Video36 スナック愛~関東店~ 二夜目 スナック愛~関東店~ 二夜目 Feb 10, 2017 36
47 Video47 スナック愛~関西店~ ニ夜目 スナック愛~関西店~ ニ夜目 Feb 27, 2017 47
59 Video59 [Snack Ai] New Employee's Anxieties...? [~Kanto Branch~3rd Night] 【スナック愛】新社会人は不安がいっぱい・・・?【〜関東店〜第三夜】 Mar 15, 2017 59
78 Video78 【スナック愛】ゲームのお悩みから人間関係まで・・・なんでも相談してな♡【〜関西店〜第三夜】 【スナック愛】ゲームのお悩みから人間関係まで・・・なんでも相談してな♡【〜関西店〜第三夜】 Apr 11, 2017 78
93 Video93 【スナック愛】30万人来店しなかったら即閉店!?みんなホンマにお願い!【〜関西店〜第四夜】 【スナック愛】30万人来店しなかったら即閉店!?みんなホンマにお願い!【〜関西店〜第四夜】 Apr 30, 2017 93
144 Video144 [360] Finally, Snack Ai... !? [VR] #144 【360】スナック愛、ついに…!?【VR】#144 Jul 21, 2017 144